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‘Moon Knight’ Celebrities Express Opposition to Florida Legislation


‘Moon Knight’ Celebrities Express Opposition to Florida Legislation

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A controversial law has recently been passed by the state government of Florida, prohibiting discussions on sexual orientation or gender identity in classrooms for young individuals. Referred to by critics as the “Don’t Say Gay” legislation, it has faced severe backlash and denunciation from various groups and companies, particularly those operating in Florida. Employees at Walt Disney Company staged a walkout in protest against the law and urged Disney to take a stronger stance against it.

The dissatisfaction extends beyond Disney’s staff to the stars of its television and film projects, key revenue generators, who have also voiced their disapproval. In a discussion with Variety, Oscar Isaac and Ethan Hawke, the leads of the upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe streaming series Moon Knight, expressed their concerns about the legislation.

Isaac emphasized, “This law is completely absurd. It’s outrageous. It’s madness. I hope that Disney publicly opposes this notion as vehemently as possible. It’s astonishing that such a law even exists in this nation.”

Discussing the significance of LGBTQ education, Hawke shared, “My life’s work revolves around fostering empathy. I acknowledge the influence of the stories we share. By narrating genuine human experiences, we promote empathy. Shedding light in numerous areas diminishes darkness and fear. Understanding each other’s narratives reveals our shared humanity, fostering universal well-being. That’s my duty, and that’s my belief.”

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