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M&Ms Mascots Receive Updated Designs


M&Ms Mascots Receive Updated Designs

Credit: Unsplash

In spite of being simple candy mascots, the anthropomorphized M&Ms are some of the most recognizable branding characters in the world. The gaggle of walking, talking candy has been appearing all over the place for decades, including commercials, billboards, TV and movies, and even video games. You could just show a shot of the Green M&M from the legs down, and she’d be immediately recognizable. However, in an effort to appeal more to today’s youth, Mars has decided it’s time for a slight update to these characters.

In an announcement on the official M&Ms website, Mars unveiled the adjusted designs intended to appeal to a “more dynamic, progressive world,” which will showcase the characters’ “personalities, rather than their gender.” As far as visual changes go, they’re mostly in the lower body department. Green’s high-heeled boots have been swapped out for modest sneakers, Ms. Brown’s heels remain but have been lowered to a more realistic height, and Orange’s perpetually loose shoelaces have finally been tied.

As Mars said, the main changes are more in the personality department. Orange’s shoes are supposed to be indicative of a slight personality shift; he’s still perpetually nervous, but he’s come to terms with that and seeks to frame it more positively. Green and Ms. Brown have become more friendly with one another, with Green identifying herself as a “hypewoman” for her friends. Red, whose tendencies have skewed more toward abrasive in the past, will adopt a more friendly demeanor. Yellow and Blue remain largely unchanged, which is fine because they were already perfect.

In addition to the regular stable of mascots, Mars has said that M&Ms commercials will feature an expanded cast of anthropomorphized candies with varying colors and body shapes. It’s their hope that this change will showcase their belief in the importance of “self-expression and power of community.”

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