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Misty Copeland’s Exquisite Residence


Misty Copeland’s Exquisite Residence

Being raised by New York natives, I’ve always appreciated the concept of compact living spaces. During my visits to the city, I would admire my relatives’ well-designed and chic apartments, which exuded a great deal of personality despite their smaller size. This is why I hold in high regard those who are able to truly bring out the character of a living space, and Misty Copeland’s home, the professional ballet dancer, is simply breathtaking.

Credit: Architectural Digest

After recently relocating to Manhattan’s Upper West Side with her spouse, Olu Evans, Misty enlisted the expertise of renowned interior designer Brigette Romanek to revamp their new apartment entirely. Bearing in mind her profession’s demand for grace and poise, Misty’s abode epitomizes the art of making the most out of minimal space. It’s not sparse by any means; rather, it’s adorned with just the right amount of tasteful embellishments that reflect the collective essence of both her and her spouse, without overwhelming the space with knick-knacks. In harmony, there lies beauty.

Credit: Architectural Digest

According to Misty, the apartment’s focal theme revolves around “pops of color.” A majority of the shelves, walls, and flooring feature a subdued color palette of soft whites, grays, and browns. Amidst these muted tones, you’ll stumble upon vibrant bursts of color that add a touch of liveliness. These bursts include elements like a sea-green rug in the kitchen, a vividly red potted plant in the living room, a few exquisite pieces of artwork, and her husband’s beloved well-lit wall bar stocked with premium imported Japanese whiskey.

Misty’s sanctuary emanates a profound sense of tranquility. It’s not designed for raucous house parties but rather for serene, sunlit Sunday mornings spent on the cozy couch with a good book and a melodic tune in the heart. It’s a residence I would certainly love to reside in.

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