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Minnesota Physicians Place Ad in Newspaper Urging for Vaccination


Minnesota Physicians Place Ad in Newspaper Urging for Vaccination

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Minnesota is currently experiencing a surge in COVID-19 cases. Data from the New York Times indicates a 15% rise in cases over the past fortnight, along with a 10% increase in COVID-related hospitalizations. Approximately 98.7% of ICU beds in Minnesota are presently in use, with around 40% of these occupied by COVID-19 patients. The vaccination rate among eligible residents stands at only 64%, and local healthcare providers are urging for an increase in this figure.

Over the weekend, a collective of healthcare professionals in Minnesota placed a full-page advertisement in the Minneapolis Star Tribune delivering a clear message to all readers: get vaccinated.

“We are devastated. We are inundated,” the ad states. “Our physicians, nurses, and healthcare staff are working tirelessly to care for you during illness. However, every day we witness preventable sickness and loss due to COVID-19.”

The surge in COVID cases is complicating hospitals’ ability to manage routine operations and respond to other critical situations, resulting in a rise in fatalities, whether COVID-related or not.

“At any moment, you or a loved one might require our assistance. Heart attacks. Traffic accidents. Cancer. Stroke. Appendicitis. Now, a daunting question arises: will you receive prompt care from your local community hospital? Presently, this is uncertain,” the physicians expressed.

“How is this happening in 2021 — nearly two full years since the start of this deadly pandemic? How can we as a society observe individuals succumbing when a simple injection could prevent a life-threatening disease?” the doctors questioned. “The accessibility to healthcare is under serious threat by COVID-19. We must halt the spread!”

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