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Mick Jagger Discusses Crafting his Autobiography


Mick Jagger Discusses Crafting his Autobiography

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When we delve into the extensive history of rock music, and even music in general, few lead vocalists have achieved the iconic status of Mick Jagger from the Rolling Stones. One must possess unparalleled charisma to carry a name like “Mick Jagger,” signifying prominence akin to a blazing inferno, to borrow a bit from the witty phrasings of John Mulaney. If Mick Jagger were to pen down a chronicle detailing his life and journey in the spotlight, it is highly probable that it would soar as a chart-topper. Perhaps even Netflix would contemplate a biographical film adaptation. Nevertheless, if you inquire directly from Jagger himself, he might simply steer you towards his Wikipedia page as he appears disinterested in the act of documenting his narrative.

In a recent discussion with BBC 6 regarding his latest musical venture with Dave Grohl, Jagger encountered a query about the purported memoir manuscript he had been reportedly toiling over for a number of years, and whether the lockdown imposed due to COVID-19 served as a catalyst for advancement.

“I had the opportunity to engage in that endeavor [scribing his autobiography], indeed. It became a prevailing trend among many, the act of writing,” he remarked. “Back in the ’80s, the initiation occurred and pecuniary incentives were in abundance – the allure of money played a compelling role! However, upon delving deeper into the endeavor, I discovered a lack of satisfaction…retracing my life’s tale, at the expense of relishing the present moment.”

“If documenting an autobiography is your ambition, it is not a fleeting process resolved within a week – it requires a substantial investment of time and energy. It demands revisiting emotions, revisiting alliances, revisiting the peaks and valleys of life experience.”

Jagger elucidated that the process of documenting his memoirs did not resonate positively with him, describing the exercise as “monotonous and disheartening, yielding limited exhilaration.”

“Consequently, I opted out, returning the remuneration to my publisher, stating my intention to revisit the task on a later date. That marked the conclusion. In retrospect, there was an absurd comment wherein I conveyed having completed the manuscript but failed to recollect its content, however, veracity denotes my lack of enjoyment throughout the venture.”

Upon being probed about the likelihood of completing his autobiography, Jagger tersely responded, “Not in the foreseeable future.”

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