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Meet The Cast of Netflix’s Buying London

Image Source: Netflix


Meet The Cast of Netflix’s Buying London

Uncover the full lineup of Netflix’s Buying London – from the stylish realty squad led by Daniel Daggers to his competitor and long-time comrade Alex Bourne.

Netflix‘s Buying London is set to plug the gap left by the UK’s craving for Selling Sunset. The fresh reality series will premiere in May 2024, brimming with all the chic drama and opulence we’ve come to expect from the American original.

Real estate virtuoso Daniel Daggers helms the series, which follows the dazzling team at DDRE Global who are the purveyors of premium residences in the city.

As Daniel and his team strive to dominate the industry, they encounter a myriad of challenges, including romantic entanglements, disputes, and more. While indulging in the property drama, familiarize yourself with the players.

Labelled as ‘tall, dark and charming’, Oli is a ‘posho’ with an extensive network within London’s elite circles.

He represents himself as a reformed socialite, now devotedly wedded. However, within the series, a coquettish team member tempts him… will he manage to maintain his marital fidelity?

The office’s youngest, 21-year-old agent Reme, is determined to prove her worth to her mentor Daniel, who dubs her his ‘hidden gem.’

Reme is depicted as ‘an aspiring luminary seeking hefty commissions to cement her reputation at DDRE.’

Lauren stands as the premier agent at DDRE and often cites her enduring rapport with the chief, Daniel, much to the chagrin of her colleagues.

The South African is acclaimed for her ‘intense ambition and serene composure amidst pressure’.

Rosi possesses intimate knowledge of central London, having been raised in Holland Park.

Discontent surfaces for Rosi when another prominent agent, Lauren, receives responsibility for one of the most sizable listings, which Rosi perceives as favoritism due to Lauren’s influence over Danny.

Rasa, recognized as the group’s network-savvy wheeler-dealer, maintains myriad connections with the wealthy elite.

Netflix reveals that she’s invariably entangled in office intrigue, readily voices her opinions, and confronts issues head-on without evasion.

Convinced she’s London’s premier interior decorator, Juliana aims to infuse glamour into the properties she adorns, akin to her own dazzling persona.

Juliana admits to indulging in mischievous behavior when the situation allows and loves to challenge norms.

Her candidness about office infatuations stirs up drama and she might just be the one to turn Oli’s head.

The content curator for DDRE, Olivia, has a repertoire that extends well beyond content creation, reputed for defusing even the most incendiary scenarios.

As the office’s mediator and sage voice amid turmoil, her amiable, nurturing nature often positions her as the intermediary in conflicts.

As the chief and pioneer of an antagonistic firm, Alex is hailed as a ‘cunning dealer’ and is among Danny’s long-standing associates.

Though they share a history stretching across many years, their commercial rivalry manifests as they vie for high-end clients, aware that their allegiance in business can never be absolute.

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