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McDonald’s Plans to Include Vaccine Details on Coffee Cups


McDonald’s Plans to Include Vaccine Details on Coffee Cups

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Both doses of a COVID-19 vaccine have already been administered to me, as well as everyone within my limited circle of acquaintances. However, while my family and I are vaccinated, achieving complete herd immunity in the US still remains a distant goal. Recent surveys indicate that vaccine hesitancy, stemming from concerns about potential side effects or other philosophical reasons, is the primary obstacle. To reassure everyone about the safety of getting vaccinated, the White House is backing various awareness campaigns, with the latest being integrated into your nearest McDonald’s outlet.

In collaboration with the White House, McDonald’s will commence the practice of printing informative vaccine details on their coffee cups starting from July. This initiative is an extension of the “We Can Do This” campaign by the US Department of Health and Human Services, aimed at promoting vaccination and educating those who harbor doubts. Besides the campaign emblem, the updated McCafe cups will carry a website link where individuals can access vaccine safety particulars and make appointments for local vaccination drives.

Genna Gent, Vice President of Global Public Policy and Government Relations at McDonald’s USA, expressed, “We all desire to safeguard ourselves, our loved ones, and reunite with our communities. McDonald’s is eager to contribute to the welfare of our patrons by imparting simple yet effective safety information.”

Xavier Becerra, Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services, highlighted in his statement that McDonald’s customers can now “access reliable vaccine information while enjoying a cup of coffee or ordering a meal.”

“This endeavor will empower more individuals to make informed choices regarding their health and grasp the necessary measures to shield themselves and their communities,” he further elaborated.

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