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Matthew McConaughey Expresses that America is Undergoing ‘Adolescence’


Matthew McConaughey Expresses that America is Undergoing ‘Adolescence’

Credit: Unsplash

Recently, on the Fourth of July, the continuous sound of fireworks in the evening was a clear indication. Independence Day marks the United States’ liberation from Great Britain many years ago, precisely 245 years ago on Sunday. The country has made significant progress since then, excelling in various aspects and encountering challenges in other areas. Presently, America seems more reflective and self-critical, much like a newly emerged adolescent according to actor Matthew McConaughey.

McConaughey, known for his roles in Dazed and Confused and The Dallas Buyers Club, shared a short video on Twitter addressing America’s present developmental phase.

“While we celebrate our independence today, rejoicing the birth of our nation and the beginning of a revolution for sovereignty, we must acknowledge that this past year, this journey around the sun, has been perplexing,” McConaughey expressed.

“However, let’s not forget that as a nation, we are still young,” he remarked. “In comparison to other nations’ histories, we are essentially in our adolescence, and growth spurts are inevitable.”

“This is not an excuse but rather a fact, and it’s positive because we need to continue learning, maturing, striving, climbing, and building,” McConaughey emphasized. “Maintaining optimism is crucial as we progress. Because the alternative is undesirable.”

Rumors suggest that McConaughey is contemplating entering the political arena soon, with an initial ambition to serve as the governor of Texas. It seems the enduring lesson should have been “avoid hiring actors as politicians,” but every teenager goes through peculiar phases.

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