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Marvel Hints at Plans for Fresh Animated Series


Marvel Hints at Plans for Fresh Animated Series

Credit: Unsplash

The recent debut of Marvel’s What If…? on Disney+ has introduced an animated series that explores various alternate narratives within the Marvel Cinematic Universe resulting from slight deviations in the existing storyline. In the initial episode, Peggy Carter assumes the mantle of Captain Carter instead of Steve Rogers, showcasing unique deviations like T’Challa as Star Lord and Spider-Man as the Sorcerer Supreme.

Although animated series have been a consistent feature of Marvel’s repertoire since the 1960s, What If…? marks the first time an animated show is specifically tied to the MCU (or its adjacent space). Should the show prove successful, which seems increasingly probable, Marvel is gearing up to launch multiple new animated MCU endeavors.

“We’ve come to realize the vast possibilities that animation offers,” noted Brad Winderbaum, executive producer of What If…?, in a statement to Variety. “Every project we undertake will demand animation to effectively convey its narrative. We aren’t interested in merely capitalizing on popular intellectual properties to coincide with film releases by producing animated shows. That’s not our approach.”

These upcoming shows will shine a spotlight on both marginalized or underused characters and concepts within the MCU, as well as delve into plotlines and characters from Marvel comics that are yet to be explored.

“All our animation endeavors will continue to fall under Marvel Studios, ensuring they are overseen by Kevin Feige and rooted in the same creative ethos that defines our other content,” elucidated Winderbaum. “Only time will reveal how the multiverse narrative unfolds.”

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