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Marvel Drops Sneak Peek for ‘Eternals’


Marvel Drops Sneak Peek for ‘Eternals’

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Despite my limited knowledge of Marvel’s extensive collection of champions, I am familiar with the majority of prominent figures and a few of the less celebrated ones. Marvel, where’s that Moon Knight series you promised? Anyway, there’s a franchise that has lingered in the backdrop of the Marvel realm for as long as the Marvel universe has existed, and they are finally seizing the limelight in a forthcoming MCU movie.

Marvel has unveiled a fresh teaser for Eternals, another chapter in the upcoming phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In contrast to many of Marvel’s heroes, who are either human or relatively youthful extraterrestrials, the central Eternals are veritably the most ancient superhuman entities on Earth. They constitute a clan of immortal humanoid aliens, each possessing extraordinary abilities, who arrived on Earth during its formative years and commenced steering its evolution clandestinely. For eons, they operated covertly, yet following the aftermath of the Thanos debacle, they have resolved to emerge from secrecy and showcase their remarkable powers more openly. This becomes imperative as their longstanding adversaries, a breed of mutant shapeshifters known as the Deviants, are initiating maneuvers upon humanity.

Fascinatingly, Twitter has singled out the concluding segment of the teaser, featuring Sprite, a member of the Eternal cohort, speculating at the dining table, “with Captain Rogers and Iron Man gone, who will lead the Avengers next?” Observers have pointed out Sprite’s omission of Steve Rogers’ title, suggesting that Sam Wilson, previously known as The Falcon, has been formally acknowledged as the new Captain America post the conclusion of Falcon and the Winter Soldier– pardon me, Captain America and the Winter Soldier.

Marvel’s Eternals is scheduled to hit theaters sometime in November of this year.

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