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Marvel Drops First Trailer for ‘Moon Knight’ Series


Marvel Drops First Trailer for ‘Moon Knight’ Series

Credit: Unsplash

Moon Knight is among Marvel’s less-utilized figures, a vigilante granted power by the spirit of the Egyptian god of the moon, Khonsu. Moon Knight is a significantly more intense persona, primarily active during the night and physically subduing criminals. In terms of anti-heroes, he is frequently likened to characters like The Punisher. This tough vigilante is the latest inclusion in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Marvel recently unveiled the primary trailer for the upcoming Moon Knight series, slated for streaming on Disney+ from March 30, taking over the Wednesday timeframe from Hawkeye. The series features Oscar Isaac as Marc Spector, the alter ego of Moon Knight, dealing with severe dissociative personality disorder. While in a state of unconsciousness, he discovers himself in Egypt and becomes a mortal vessel for the spirit of Khonsu, transforming into Moon Knight. Ethan Hawke is set to appear as an unidentified antagonist, seemingly leading a cult of sorts.

The series is planned to consist of six episodes. Moon Knight’s role in the broader MCU narrative, if any, is yet to be disclosed, though in the comics, he has crossed paths with characters like Spider-Man and The Punisher.

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