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Marjorie Taylor Greene Facing Criticism for Unearthed Text Messages


Marjorie Taylor Greene Facing Criticism for Unearthed Text Messages

In the previous week, Marjorie Taylor Greene, the Representative from Georgia, found herself in the spotlight for alleged involvement in covert activities against the US government. Specifically, she is being scrutinized for potentially supporting those who participated in the uprising on January 6th, 2021, or inciting unlawful methods to maintain former President Donald Trump’s authority, such as advocating for military control. If Greene is proven guilty of these accusations, she would be disqualified from seeking public office in the future.

Despite Greene’s repeated sworn testimonies claiming no memory of making any such statements, recent revelations of text messages brought to light by CNN contradict her previous claims.

“In our private exchange exclusive to Members, some are suggesting that the only solution to safeguard our nation is for Trump to propose Marshall law (sic). I am uncertain about these ideas. I simply wished for you to convey this to him. The election was deceitful. We are all aware. They will devastate our nation next. Kindly ask him to release as much information as possible so we can pursue Biden and others!” Greene messaged the then-White House chief of staff Mark Meadows on January 17, 2021.

“Marjorie Taylor Greene declared under oath that she could not recall advising Trump or his chief of staff to declare martial law to retain Trump’s authority, yet her own text messages prove otherwise,” mentioned Ron Fein, the legal director of Free Speech For People, the group contesting Greene’s candidacy in Georgia, in a statement.

“Someone who conveniently ‘forgets’ whether they recommended the White House Chief of Staff to communicate with the President about declaring martial law cannot be relied upon when claiming to have forgotten their involvement in rebellion,” he further added.

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