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Love Island’s Samantha Kenny Intensifies Dispute With Grace Jackson

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Love Island’s Samantha Kenny Intensifies Dispute With Grace Jackson

In her appearance on Love Island: Aftersun, Samantha Kenny verified that she harbors no affection towards Grace Jackson, the former partner of Joey Essex.

Samantha Kenny‘s tenure in the Love Island was going smoothly until Grace Jackson, Joey Essex’s former flame, unexpectedly entered as a wild card.

Grace disrupted the harmony between the couple who were getting comfortable, and when she ultimately coupled up with Joey, it left Samantha isolated and cast out from the villa.

Initially, it seemed like the two women parted ways amicably, with Grace waving goodbye to Samantha. However, it is now obvious that animosity exists between them.

When questioned by Maya Jama about her opinion on Grace, Samantha responded, “She’s simply not a pleasant individual, is she?

“I can’t express it on national TV. However, upon returning home and observing things, I’ve come to believe she’s rather insincere if I’m entirely honest. She’s a deceptive person.”

Continuing further, she added, “Based on what I witnessed, the smirks and the laughter. I stood alone near the fire pit, and they [Joey and Grace] were mocking me. Deceptive, deceptive.”

Despite Grace’s attempt to not upset Samantha with regards to the Joey scenario, it appears she has failed.

Joey, the first-ever celebrity bombshell to enter the villa, immediately showed interest in Samantha on the first night, but his attention shifted to Grace upon her arrival. Therefore, Samantha’s resentment doesn’t come as a surprise.

Grace and Joey quickly became affectionate towards each other, which was challenging for Samantha given Joey’s lack of public displays of affection towards her.

When Grace inadvertently caused Samantha’s elimination, Sam’s mother was furious at Joey, expressing her frustration on social media by commenting on a picture of him, saying: “You destroyed my daughter’s two weeks in the villa.”

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