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Love Island Heart Rate Challenge 2024 Results Are Out Now

Image Source: Love Island @ YouTube


Love Island Heart Rate Challenge 2024 Results Are Out Now

Recent turmoil ensued in the Love Island villa following the renowned heart rate challenge – here’s the scoop.

If you’re equipped with your Love Island bingo card, now is the time to mark that Heart Rate Challenge square as last night the islanders flaunted their most alluring attire hoping to quicken their fellow islanders’ heartbeats.

Sure enough, heart rates surged, albeit not necessarily in accordance with their partners

The memorable challenge witnessed Uma Jammeh shining as an angel and Grace Jackson igniting the scene as a mysterious black cat, while the rest of the girls exuded their usual stunning vibes. Even Harriett Blackmore showcased her impressive dancing prowess with a splits maneuver!

  • Ciaran – Grace
  • Joey – Nicole
  • Konnor – Matilda
  • Ayo – Mimii
  • Sean – Jess
  • Wil – Uma
  • Ronnie – Jess

Following the gentlemen’s performances, the ladies’ heart rates surged most with:

  • Grace – Ayo
  • Nicole – Ciaran
  • Matilda – Sean
  • Uma – Wil
  • Mimii – Konnor
  • Jess – Ronnie
  • Harriett – Ronnie

Despite the challenge proceeding without major hiccups, Nicole was upset to discover Grace spiked Ciaran’s heart rate the most.

Chastising her for the reaction, Ciaran remarked, “Real mature response,” prompting Nicole to retort, “Just be quiet, seriously”.

Fans speculated over Grace’s heightened heart rate by Ayo, hinting at her distinct preference contrary to Joey, especially after disclosing an interest in ousted islander Omar Nyame.

It appears Ronnie might find himself in another love triangle as both Harriett and Jess were most captivated by him.

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