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Louisiana Immunization Rate Seeing Gradual Upturn


Louisiana Immunization Rate Seeing Gradual Upturn

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Similar to numerous other states in the Midwest and Southern regions of the United States, Louisiana is witnessing a noticeably low rate of immunization against the COVID-19 virus within its population. Presently, Louisiana has only managed to vaccinate approximately 37.5% of its inhabitants, leading to a surge in infections of the delta variant of the coronavirus. Local medical facilities are beginning to feel the pressure, with the state’s largest hospital, Our Lady of the Lake Hospital in Baton Rouge, recording the admission of 32 new patients on Tuesday alone.

With the rise in cases, the gravity of the pandemic is becoming more evident to the people of Louisiana, prompting a higher turnout at vaccination centers. The Our Lady of the Lake Injection Clinic at Pennington has seen a threefold increase in the number of first-time doses administered for one of the approved COVID-19 vaccines compared to the previous month. Immunizations are on the rise across all age groups, with the average age of recipients hovering around 35 years old.

“I was quite enthusiastic,” shared local teenager Kate Wilson during an interview with CNN. “It’s a personal and community obligation for me. It’s a responsibility, so I find it exciting.”

“It was so sudden when he was admitted to the hospital and then put on a ventilator,” recounted 17-year-old Bethany Wilson about her friend who contracted the illness. “But now, he’s gradually getting better. He’s doing fine. However, it was unsettling because he’s only 19. He’s still so young. And my brother is also 19.”

“As a parent, I wouldn’t know how to forgive myself if my son were to get Covid because I didn’t get him vaccinated, and something tragic happened to him,” expressed local mother Erone Burchell.

“Initially, I was skeptical upon learning that even after vaccination one could still contract and spread the virus. I questioned the worth of getting vaccinated. However, with the emergence of the Delta variant, I felt a stronger urge to get vaccinated, and so did my family,” remarked local resident Kaylan Merritt.

Authorities are optimistic about this increasing trend, as their medical institutions are not in a position to handle further surges.

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