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‘Loki’ Filmmaker Talks About Character’s Fluid Gender Expression


‘Loki’ Filmmaker Talks About Character’s Fluid Gender Expression

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An established aspect of Loki’s persona, within his Marvel depiction, is his ability to transform. Loki has displayed a variety of appearances, encompassing both masculine and feminine characteristics, perhaps even exploring states between these binaries. In Norse mythology, the Trickster God has taken on roles of both father and mother to numerous offspring. Though not extensively highlighted in the MCU, we were subtly introduced to this aspect in the recent Loki series on Disney+.

Earlier this week, just ahead of the Loki premiere, a teaser hinted at his Time Variance Authority dossier designating his gender as “Fluid.” The show’s director Kate Herron confirmed that this choice was intentional.

“I can confirm that this detail was purposefully included,” Herron shared with Insider. “His gender fluidity is a known facet in Norse mythology and comic books, and it was crucial for us to incorporate it into canon.”

“Given Loki’s meaningful representation for many individuals, we were dedicated to portraying this aspect authentically,” expressed head writer Michael Waldron in an interview with Inverse. “Our efforts were substantial.”

Tom Hiddleston, who portrays Loki, emphasized that this inclusion was not a superficial attempt at appearing “progressive.”

“This aspect has been intrinsic to the comics and the character’s history for centuries,” remarked Hiddleston.

“The rich tapestry of identities within the character was always evident, even when I first took on the role a decade ago.

“The significance of this portrayal was acknowledged by Kate Herron, Michael Waldron, and the entire team. We understood the responsibility that came with it.”

The Loki series is currently available for streaming on Disney+, with new episodes releasing every Wednesday. If you haven’t seen the first episode yet, it’s definitely worth a watch.

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