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Lizzo Drops Tune with Fresh Lyrics


Lizzo Drops Tune with Fresh Lyrics

Just recently, vocalist and lyricist Lizzo unveiled her latest tune, titled “Grrrls.” However, this fresh track immediately sparked debate due to its inclusion of the term “spaz” within the lyrics. Though “spaz” is colloquially defined as erratic, flailing movements with the body, it also holds a negative connotation as an ableist slur directed towards individuals dealing with Cerebral Palsy.

Expressing her disappointment, disability advocate Hannah Diviney took to Twitter, stating, “Hey Lizzo, my disability Cerebral Palsy is specifically categorized as Spastic Diplegia (where spasticity denotes constant, agonizing tightness in my legs). Your latest song has left me feeling quite upset and disheartened. ‘Spaz’ doesn’t equate to being fearful or irrational. It’s an ableist slur and it’s 2022. Strive for improvement.”

“Lizzo’s use of the term ‘[email protected]’ in her recent track ‘Grrrls’ is disappointing,” shared autism advocate Callum Stephen on Twitter. “There’s no justification for incorporating an ableist insult in a song in this day and age. Lizzo, who advocates for women, individuals of plus size, and others who face societal mistreatment, preaches inclusivity and should aim higher.”

Responding to these critiques, Lizzo has released a revised version of “Grrrls” with the offending lyric replaced. In a post on her Twitter account, she emphasized that her intention was never to cause harm and expressed her willingness to rectify her mistake.

“Allow me to clarify: I never intend to endorse derogatory language,” Lizzo penned. “As a Black plus-sized woman in America, I’ve been on the receiving end of numerous hurtful slurs, and I recognize the impact words can have (whether intentionally or, in my case, unintentionally). This is me acknowledging, listening, and taking necessary steps.

“Being an influential artist, I am committed to actively contributing towards the transformative change I have long desired to witness in the world.”

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