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Lindsay Lohan Set to Reboot Acting Career


Lindsay Lohan Set to Reboot Acting Career

Credit: Unsplash

For those who grew up in the 90s or early 2000s, chances are you’ve watched a Lindsay Lohan movie. Since her breakthrough performance in Disney’s The Parent Trap, Lohan emerged as a prominent young actress in the industry, gracing the screens in popular films like Freaky Friday and Mean Girls. However, the pressures of fame and constant attention eventually took their toll, leading her to step back from show business in the early 2010s and relocate overseas. Nonetheless, in a 2019 CNN interview, Lohan expressed her desire to return to acting in the U.S., stating, “I am ready to embrace my career once again and share it with my loved ones and fans.” Following a brief hiatus due to the pandemic, she is now making good on that promise.

In an exclusive announcement with Variety, Lohan revealed her comeback role: an upcoming romantic comedy Christmas special on Netflix, the title of which is currently undisclosed. Surprising to some, Netflix has been gaining popularity with its holiday-themed movies, much like those typically seen on Hallmark. According to Variety, Lohan will portray a character described as a “spoiled hotel heiress who, after a skiing accident, experiences amnesia and seeks refuge with a charming lodge owner and his clever daughter in the lead-up to Christmas.”

If the premise sounds reminiscent of a classic Hallmark Christmas movie, it may interest you to know that the film’s director, Janeen Damian, brings past experience from directing similar movies on the Hallmark channel, hinting at the familiar heartwarming storyline. Regardless of its predictability as a festive romcom, it’s admirable to see Lindsay Lohan returning to the spotlight following her extended hiatus.

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