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Leonardo DiCaprio Was Almost Overlooked for ‘Titanic’


Leonardo DiCaprio Was Almost Overlooked for ‘Titanic’

‘Titanic’ Director James Cameron Recounted a Moment That Almost Turned Him Away from DiCaprio.

This upcoming December will commemorate the 25th anniversary of James Cameron’s iconic film, Titanic, known as one of the most renowned and impactful movies ever created. A significant part of its lasting allure and triumph can be attributed to its main actors, Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, whose unforgettable on-screen connection propelled them into the realm of movie stardom. Nevertheless, as per Cameron, this casting was a close call.

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During an interview with GQ prior to the anniversary, Cameron reflected on the making of Titanic, recollecting a moment that nearly deterred him from considering DiCaprio for the lead role. DiCaprio was asked to join the set for a screen test with Winslet to assess their compatibility for the romantic characters.

When describing the encounter, Cameron said, “He arrived, assuming it was just another meeting with Kate. We were supposed to run through some lines and record it.”

DiCaprio seemed hesitant. “Wait, I need to read lines?…I’m not good at reading,” he remarked, incorrectly assuming he didn’t need to audition for the role.

Without delay, Cameron thanked him for coming and began to rise from his seat. He emphasized to DiCaprio the magnitude of Titanic, stating that it would be one of the most important projects of his career, and he was not willing to jeopardize it by casting the wrong person.

“You either read or you won’t secure the role,” Cameron informed DiCaprio.

Fortunately, DiCaprio agreed and consented to the screen test, during which he displayed a remarkable aptitude for the character and formed a strong connection with Winslet.

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