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Lee Sun-kyun of “Parasite” Fame Passes Away at 48


Lee Sun-kyun of “Parasite” Fame Passes Away at 48

Credit: Unsplash

The heartbreaking news of Lee Sun-kyun’s passing has rocked the entertainment world. The South Korean actor, renowned for portraying the affluent patriarch Park Dong-ik in the Oscar-winning film “Parasite,” was discovered lifeless in his car, as disclosed by South Korean authorities.

Tragically, the 48-year-old actor was found in a park with a charcoal briquette in the passenger seat of his vehicle. Reports indicate that Lee’s wife had informed authorities that he had left their residence after leaving behind what seemed to be a farewell note.

Prior to his demise, Lee was embroiled in a probe pertaining to alleged drug usage and possession of marijuana at a bar in Seoul. Despite refuting deliberate drug consumption and asserting that a hostess had surreptitiously provided him with the drugs, Lee endured 19 hours of questioning on Sunday regarding these accusations.

Lee Sun-kyun achieved global acclaim for his role in “Parasite,” which garnered him a Screen Actors Guild award. However, he had already established himself as a prominent figure in South Korea’s entertainment sector, amassing a career spanning over a decade, including a significant part in the 2007 series “Coffee Prince.”

The news of Lee’s death has surfaced amidst an intensified crackdown on drug-related offenses in South Korea. The government has recently bolstered efforts to combat drug trafficking and trading, enforcing stringent laws that could lead to substantial prison terms for culprits.

South Korea’s entertainment domain has grappled with numerous high-profile drug scandals concerning celebrities in recent times, underscoring the nation’s rigorous stance on drug usage and its legal repercussions.

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