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Lawsuit Filed by Chicago Gentleman Against Buffalo Wild Wings Regarding Boneless Chicken Pieces


Lawsuit Filed by Chicago Gentleman Against Buffalo Wild Wings Regarding Boneless Chicken Pieces

The accuser alleged that the utilization of chest meat in boneless chicken pieces amounts to misleading advertising.

For nearly the entire duration that boneless chicken wings have been in existence, the general understanding has been that they do not actually entail chicken wings. In essence, a chicken wing is characterized by the inclusion of a bone, while a “boneless wing” often involves chest meat cropped into a similar shape for those who prefer not to contend with bones. Nevertheless, one Buffalo Wild Wings customer deems this to be an instance of deceptive advertising.

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Aiman Halim, a resident of Chicago, submitted a legal claim against the dining establishment Buffalo Wild Wings, asserting that because their boneless wings are not, in fact, chicken wings, the eatery is promoting its products deceptively. The lawsuit contends, “Unknown to the plaintiff and other patrons, the items are not wings at all, but instead, portions of chicken breast meat deep-fried akin to wings.” The lawsuit further states, “In reality, the items bear more resemblance, in composition, to a chicken nugget rather than a chicken wing.”

“This evident instance of deceptive advertising should not be condoned, as consumers ought to be able to rely on the straightforward interpretation of a product’s appellation and receive what they are assured,” the lawsuit includes.

In response, Buffalo Wild Wings delivered a witty retort on Twitter. “It’s the truth,” their comment reads. “Our boneless wings are entirely comprised of white meat chicken. Our hamburgers do not contain any ham. Our buffalo wings do not feature any buffalo content.”

Halim’s legal representatives are requesting a trial by jury, alongside an unspecified amount of damages. They are also inviting other individuals with concerns regarding the nomenclature of boneless wings to participate in the case.

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