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Latest Nintendo Switch Trailer Sparks Memes and Disarray


Latest Nintendo Switch Trailer Sparks Memes and Disarray

Credit: Unsplash

Recently, Nintendo revealed their plans for launching an updated version of the Nintendo Switch gaming console. This revised model, having various minor adjustments, showcases an OLED screen rather than the standard LCD screen, providing a sharper and cleaner display while in handheld mode. Alongside this announcement, Nintendo also unveiled a short promotional trailer to highlight the console’s enhancements. Nevertheless, a particular scene in that trailer has sparked both amusement and bewilderment across social media platforms.

During one segment of the trailer, a man enters his home, places his keys on a small table, sits on a bench in his hallway, takes out his OLED Switch, and begins playing a Pokémon game. A Twitter user named Chris Compendio humorously pointed out the peculiar nature of this moment by stating, “The most ridiculous scenario in the Nintendo Switch OLED trailer was when a man walks into his home and decides that the hallway is the ideal spot to play Pokémon.”

This observation led to a massive chain of retweets with numerous users speculating on the man’s rationale behind playing in his hallway, and also sharing some humorous remarks. As of now, Chris Compendio’s initial tweet has garnered 2,633 retweets and 27,000 likes.

Interestingly, some users confessed to engaging in similar behaviors with their Switch consoles, either due to their excitement to start playing games as soon as they get home or simply because they enjoy gaming in unconventional locations like sitting on the floor.

The OLED Switch model is set to launch on October 8, 2021. For those who prefer not to play in handheld mode, the new system dock can be purchased separately and used with the traditional Switch console.

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