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Lakeith Stanfield Observes the Public Perception


Lakeith Stanfield Observes the Public Perception

Since the inception of the internet, providing a platform for seamless anonymous interactions, it has been employed as a method for influential individuals to gain insights into public sentiments. If a well-known person were to approach you and inquire “what is your opinion of me,” chances are you would find yourself at a loss for words, stumbling to express partial praises and viewpoints. No one desires to be in the position of insulting a celebrity directly to their face, after all. However, under the guise of anonymity, people tend to be more open with their evaluations of celebrities (perhaps excessively so, but that’s a different matter altogether). Even when celebrities operate their social media profiles under their own names, many users maintain a cynical attitude, opting to engage with them as if they were merely trolling or engaging in role-playing. It is through this approach that Lakeith Stanfield delved into the realm of cyberspace.

Credit: GQ

Upon the suggestion of GQ, performer Lakeith Stanfield established accounts on several major social platforms, including YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, going to the extent of naming his profiles in some variation of “Actually Lakeith.” Because, as he aptly stated, it is genuinely him. He ventured into the YouTube comment section of videos featuring him, a move usually deemed unwise, but he evidently possesses a higher tolerance level than I do. On Twitter, he engaged with users casually discussing him and his professional trajectory, playfully acknowledging a user’s attraction towards him but perplexity regarding the sentiment. Meanwhile, on Instagram, he endeavored to respond to the peculiar, quasi-conspiracy inquiries from users fixated on a wig he had worn. He even took the time to review the accuracy of the assertions on his personal Wikipedia page.

It remains uncertain whether the individuals Lakeith interacted with genuinely believed it was him. However, if they witnessed the video of him typing out his responses, one could envision a sense of regret settling in. “Oh dear, I sassily commented to the real Lakeith Stanfield!” Well, in all fairness, he did confirm it was indeed him.

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