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Kristof Milak’s World Swimming Record Compromised by Torn Swimwear


Kristof Milak’s World Swimming Record Compromised by Torn Swimwear

Credit: Unsplash

Attempting to refrain from mentioning SpongeBob, the distress of tearing one’s swim trunks at the beach or a public pool is well-known. Swim trunks are constructed to maintain a specific form, so when they tear, the damage usually escalates rapidly, leading to a disorienting mental state. Sadly, this was the predicament Hungarian Olympic swimmer Kristof Milak found himself in just before the 200-meter butterfly final.

“My swim trunks split 10 minutes prior to my pool entry, and at that instant, I sensed the inevitable loss of the world record. It shattered my concentration and I understood that I couldn’t achieve it,” Milak informed BBC on Wednesday.

“It posed a challenge for me. I have a routine, a tempo, a focus. This disruption shattered my concentration and subsequently affected my performance,” he elucidated. “I wasn’t aiming for the medal; I was striving for the time,” he emphasized. “I had previously expressed my desire for a personal best, and my personal best equates to a world record.”

The current world swimming record stands at 1:50:73, established by Milak himself at the world championships in Gwangju, South Korea in 2019. Despite missing the opportunity to break the record due to his clothing mishap, Milak’s performance was still commendable in this event. He clinched the gold medal with a substantial 2.5-second lead over the nearest competitor. Milak concluded with a time of 1:51:25, not breaking the world record but achieving an Olympic record, surpassing Michael Phelps’ swimming record of 1:52:03 set during the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

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