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Krispy Kreme Offers Mars-Themed Doughnuts in Celebration of Rover Landing


Krispy Kreme Offers Mars-Themed Doughnuts in Celebration of Rover Landing

Credit: Unsplash

In case you’re not up to date with NASA’s latest activities, it’s understandable. Space exploration doesn’t always catch everyone’s attention unless they have a strong interest in it. But one thing that reliably captivates people? Doughnuts.

Tomorrow, on Thursday, February 18, NASA will broadcast live the landing of its new Perseverance rover on Mars’ surface. Equipped with cameras and microphones, this event will be humanity’s first opportunity to witness an extraterrestrial touchdown in real-time. Evidently, someone at Krispy Kreme is quite excited about this milestone as the doughnut chain is introducing a special treat for one day only to commemorate this historic feat.

On the 18th, all Krispy Kreme outlets will feature the Mars Doughnut, a rich delicacy filled with chocolate cream, coated in caramel frosting, and topped with chocolate cookie crumbs to replicate the iconic dusty terrain of Mars.

Having launched from Earth in July, Perseverance has been steadily making its way towards the red planet. Apart from its array of recording devices and a plethora of potential experiments, the rover carries a special cargo: a list of nearly 11 million individuals who enlisted in NASA’s “Send Your Name to Mars” initiative, all etched onto a unique chip affixed to the rover itself. If your name is among those 11 million sent to another planet, NASA should have sent you a commemorative “boarding pass.” Carry that pass to any Krispy Kreme store on Thursday, and you’ll be entitled to a complimentary Mars Doughnut. Enjoy a sweet indulgence on Earth while NASA achieves scientific milestones 126.68 million miles away.

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