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Kraft Revamping Mac & Cheese into… Mac & Cheese


Kraft Revamping Mac & Cheese into… Mac & Cheese

In an effort to align with popular culture, Kraft opts to retain the familiar “Mac & Cheese” label.

The instant macaroni and cheese range from Kraft has become synonymous with this classic dish. When someone mentions enjoying mac and cheese at home, chances are they’re referring to that distinctive blue and yellow box, even if they’re unaware it’s Kraft’s. Nonetheless, Kraft has noticed a subtle discrepancy in how customers refer to their product in contrast to the full name printed on the packaging. The vast majority of customers, especially in the US, affectionately dub it as “mac n’ cheese.”

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As one of the primary updates to the brand’s image in recent times, Kraft is officially rebranding its macaroni and cheese dinners to simply “Mac & Cheese.” The product inside remains unchanged, but the packaging will feature a more streamlined design with less clutter in terms of pasta and cheese imagery.

“We recognize that comfort food is no longer seen as a guilty pleasure; it’s now embraced as a positive choice for self-care and feeling good,” mentioned Victoria Lee, Kraft’s Mac & Cheese Brand Manager, in a press release.

Lee further emphasized the special and iconic comfort that Kraft Mac & Cheese provides to millions worldwide, stating, “Our new visual identity mirrors what our brand represents to our consumers.”

The updated packaging is set to roll out online and in stores starting this August. The product remains unchanged; this adjustment simply aims to better align the product name with popular terminology.

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