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Kraft Provides Complimentary Sweets to Compensate for Missing Cream Cheese


Kraft Provides Complimentary Sweets to Compensate for Missing Cream Cheese

Credit: Unsplash

Current cream cheese shortages in Western grocery stores are truly heartbreaking for enthusiasts of bagels and cheesecake alike. A proper bagel without the schmear just isn’t the same. This shortage is attributed to the ongoing pandemic and supply chain challenges. The increased number of people baking at home during the past year, including making cheesecake, led Kraft, the parent company of Philadelphia Cream Cheese, to boost production. However, disruptions in the supply chain have made it harder to keep store shelves stocked.

“Millions of dollars are being invested in Philadelphia cream cheese,” stated Basak Oguz, Philadelphia’s marketing director, in a conversation with CNN Business. Philadelphia had to cease production on certain products and varieties to focus on sustaining sales of their most popular items.

As a gesture of goodwill and as part of their marketing strategy, Kraft has come up with a plan to make it up to those who won’t have cheesecake for the holidays. On December 17 and 18, Kraft will launch a dedicated website where up to 18,000 individuals can register for a complimentary dessert. The dessert can be of any kind, from any brand or location, as long as it costs $20 or less. After Christmas, participants can submit their receipt to Kraft, and the full cost will be reimbursed. So, if cheesecake is off the menu this Christmas, you can indulge in another (affordably priced) treat courtesy of Kraft.

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