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KFC Introducing Plant-Based Beyond Fried Chicken


KFC Introducing Plant-Based Beyond Fried Chicken

Credit: Unsplash

If you’re a viewer of South Park, you might remember a humorous moment from Season 21 when Cartman deceived his vegan girlfriend Heidi into consuming KFC by sketching “Beyond” on the bucket, convincing her it’s plant-based. Interestingly, it appears that animated comedy shows once again foreseen the future, given that KFC is indeed introducing Beyond fried chicken, albeit with a more creative bucket design.

Commencing next Monday, Kentucky Fried Chicken outlets across the United States will commence featuring plant-based Beyond fried chicken for a limited period. This initiative stems from a long-standing collaboration between Beyond Meat and KFC’s parent corporation, Yum Brands, to produce a plant-based alternative to traditional fried chicken without compromising on flavor and texture. The product’s success was evident during the trial phases of Beyond fried chicken in 2019 and 2020, with all test locations selling out their stocks completely.

Similar to other fast-food endeavors to venture into plant-based protein, KFC aims to attract individuals seeking to reduce meat consumption or opt for a marginally healthier option.

“This aligns with evolving customer preferences; there is a growing demand for plant-based proteins,” stated Kevin Hochman, President of KFC in the US. “With the arrival of January, individuals make New Year’s resolutions, seeking dietary changes.”

“We’re confident in the supply chain, having conducted successful initial trials,” remarked Ethan Brown, CEO of Beyond Meat.

Prior to the launch, KFC clarified that while the Beyond fried chicken is plant-based, it isn’t entirely vegan due to preparation using the same equipment and surfaces as regular chicken, a strategic move considering past challenges faced by plant-based fast-food offerings.

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