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Kellogg’s Faces Multi-Million Dollar Lawsuit Over Pop-Tarts


Kellogg’s Faces Multi-Million Dollar Lawsuit Over Pop-Tarts

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I enjoy Pop-Tarts. They serve as a delightful snack from time to time, and they are available in a variety of unconventional flavors. Have you ever sampled the Froot Loops variation? The resemblance is striking. The most popular flavors of Pop-Tarts are the fruit-filled ones, such as strawberry, blueberry, and the notorious cherry (which I personally find quite appealing). However, as per a recent lawsuit, the strawberry filling in a strawberry Pop-Tart might not genuinely be strawberry, or at least not sufficiently strawberry to qualify.

An individual named Anita Harris lodged a legal complaint against Kellogg’s in the Southern District of Illinois asserting that strawberry-flavored Pop-Tarts lack the necessary strawberry content in their filling to be labeled as strawberry-flavored, with the majority of the fruit content actually sourced from apples and pears. There is some validity to this claim, as the nutrition panel on a box of strawberry frosted Pop-Tarts lists dried pears, dried apples, and red dye in addition to dried strawberries.

Harris alleged that this is a case of deceptive marketing, and that the red dye misleads consumers into believing that the snacks contain more strawberry than they actually do. The lawsuit states, “Whether a toaster pastry contains only strawberries or merely some strawberries … is basic front label information consumers rely on when making quick decisions at the grocery store. Strawberries are the Product’s characterizing ingredient … (consumers) believe they are present in an amount greater than is the case.”

In light of this deceptive marketing, Harris is pursuing approximately $5 million in damages from Kellogg’s. Kellogg’s has not yet responded to any media inquiries at the time of writing.

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