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Ke Huy Quan Recalls Career Advice from Cate Blanchett


Ke Huy Quan Recalls Career Advice from Cate Blanchett

Quan is planning his future after his success with Everything Everywhere All At Once.

Earlier this week, the cast and crew of the film Everything Everywhere All At Once celebrated their monumental success at the 2023 Academy Awards, where they scored seven major Oscar victories. These victories were especially meaningful for Ke Huy Quan, who won Best Supporting Actor, whose role in the film was his first nearly forty years.

Following his victory, Quan has been thinking carefully about where he wants to take his acting career next, which is why, in a recent interview with Variety, he recalled some good advice given to him by fellow actor Cate Blanchett.

“I told her that I don’t know what I’m going to do next, but I feel I have a responsibility to do something good, and that I don’t want to disappoint all the people that have supported me,” he said.

Blanchett responded, “‘Just go with your heart and be irresponsible: Don’t worry about what other people think. Choose something that you believe in, choose something that you love, and things will work out.’”

When Quan won his Oscar, presented by his former Indiana Jones co-star Harrison Ford, he was overcome with joy. “When he opened that envelope and read the title, it made our win for best picture even more special,” Quan said. “I just couldn’t help myself. I just want to shower this man with all my love. I gave Harrison Ford a big kiss on the cheek!”

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