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Kate Bush Expresses Gratitude to ‘Stranger Things’ for Reviving Interest in ‘Running Up That Hill’


Kate Bush Expresses Gratitude to ‘Stranger Things’ for Reviving Interest in ‘Running Up That Hill’

Following the fourth season launch at the conclusion of May, the Netflix science fiction thriller, Stranger Things, has become linked to the timeless 1985 track “Running Up That Hill,” composed and sung by Kate Bush. The song turned into a crucial element of the show’s storyline as well as a recurring motif, prominently showcased in the latest teaser for the latter portion of the series scheduled for release on July 1.

In a rare revelation today, Bush, typically recognized for her reserved demeanor, spoke to BBC Radio 4, as per Stylist, sharing her sentiments toward the show and the revived popularity of her music.

“I considered that [Stranger Things] being such a fantastic series, the song might gain some recognition. Nonetheless, I never fathomed it would garner this level of attention. It’s truly exhilarating. Yet, it’s rather surprising, isn’t it? The entire world seems to have gone topsy-turvy!”

“What’s truly delightful is that a new audience has emerged. Oftentimes, they are unfamiliar with my work. And that thrills me! The notion of all these young individuals encountering my song for the first time and embracing it, I find it incredibly special.”

Bush revealed that she rarely revisits her past music catalogue and hence, had not listened to “Running Up That Hill” in a considerable time prior to its resurgence in Stranger Things.

“I believe they’ve placed it in a particularly poignant context. The Duffer Brothers, the creators of the series, were the ones behind it, and truth be told, we started watching it from the inaugural season, so I was already familiar with the storyline. I found it truly heartwarming for the song to have been integrated in such a positive manner – as though it were a charm, especially for Max. It’s genuinely touching, in my opinion.”

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