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Justin Roiland Terminated From Adult Swim


Justin Roiland Terminated From Adult Swim

Rick and Morty’s Production to Proceed Sans Roiland.

News surfaced this month about the dismissal of Justin Roiland, a writer, performer, and co-creator of the animated program Rick and Morty, from his duties at Adult Swim. The reason behind this decision was allegedly due to Roiland facing serious allegations of domestic violence in Orange County. The charges against Roiland include domestic battery with physical harm and one count of unlawful confinement through threat, violence, deceit, or coercion during a prior relationship with an unidentified individual in 2020. Roiland has stated his innocence in response to these accusations and posted a $50,000 bond to avoid incarceration. If proven guilty, Roiland might face fines and imprisonment.

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In the wake of recent events, Adult Swim, the broadcasting network for Rick and Morty, has severed its relationship with Roiland. The network made an official announcement on the Rick and Morty Twitter account stating, “Justin Roiland’s association with Adult Swim has been terminated. Rick and Morty will continue. The talented and committed crew is diligently working on Season 7.”

Moreover, Squanch Games, a video game company owned by Justin Roiland which recently released the game High on Life, shared news of Roiland tendering his resignation just last week. No details have been disclosed yet regarding Roiland’s involvement in Hulu’s ongoing series, Solar Opposites.

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