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Justice Department to Challenge Mask Mandate Decision


Justice Department to Challenge Mask Mandate Decision

Recently, a federal judge in Florida deemed the current requirement by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for masks on public transportation as unconstitutional and nullified it. Numerous travel companies, particularly airlines, promptly made mask-wearing optional on their services, with some going as far as announcing the change during travel.

Yet, the ruling did not sit well with either the CDC or the US Department of Justice, both of whom have declared their intention to contest the decision and prolong the mask mandate.

Expressing their stance, the CDC conveyed, “At present, the CDC still deems it necessary to mandate mask-wearing in indoor transport areas for public health reasons. The CDC will consistently evaluate the prevailing public health conditions to decide on the necessity of such an order. The CDC firmly believes this is a lawful directive well within its legal mandate to safeguard public health.”

Although the DOJ has not sought a suspension to reinstate the mandate, their aim is to escalate the issue to a higher court. Apart from upholding COVID-19 safety protocols amidst surging case counts, this appeal is also aimed at ensuring the CDC’s jurisdiction on public health matters is not unjustly reduced.

Highlighting the importance of the situation, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki informed CNN, “This holds significance for two primary reasons: firstly, because we believe it is entirely justified, as does the Department of Justice, for the CDC, the preeminent health and data specialists – primarily the health experts within our administration – to have the opportunity to evaluate. Secondly, owing to the desire to safeguard the CDC’s authority and capacity to institute mandates in the future.”

She added, “We are aware that there will be fluctuations in this pandemic, and we all yearn to see its end. Nonetheless, we want to ensure that our public health specialists are equipped to take appropriate measures, if required, in the future.”

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