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Julia Quinn Shares Thoughts On Gender Swap Involving Michael Stirling

Image Source: Julia Quinn @ Instagram


Julia Quinn Shares Thoughts On Gender Swap Involving Michael Stirling

Francesca’s love interest in her Bridgerton season will now be Michaela Stirling instead of Michael Stirling.

Bridgerton writer Julia Quinn has shared her thoughts on the gender swap involving Michael Stirling in the series.

Following the release of Bridgerton season 3 part 2, fans were abuzz about a notable alteration from the original books. In the season finale, the audience is introduced to John Stirling’s cousin, Michaela Stirling. In When He Was Wicked, Francesca ends up with John’s cousin Michael after John’s passing. This modification implies that Michaela will now be Francesca’s love interest in the series.

The majority of fans have embraced this change, appreciating the introduction of a central queer romance in Bridgerton. Despite this, some fans have expressed disapproval over the deviation from the source material. Bridgerton showrunner Jess Brownell previously disclosed that Julia Quinn approved the alteration of Michael to Michaela.

Julia then shared that altering Michael into Michaela was not a decision taken lightly. She expressed: “Changing the gender of a significant character is a substantial alteration, so when Jess Brownell first broached the idea of transforming Michael into Michaela for the show, I required further details prior to granting my approval.”

Julia elaborated: “I wanted to ensure that we stayed true to the essence of the book and its characters. Jess and I deliberated extensively on this multiple times. I emphasized the significance of depicting Francesca’s enduring love for John on screen.”

Expressing her support, she stated: “I’m now convinced that when Francesca is featured in her Bridgerton season, it will be the most poignant and heartrending narrative on the show.”


Dear Readers—

Many Bridgerton fans have expressed their…

Posted by Julia Quinn on Monday, June 24, 2024

Lastly, Julia urged her readers to have faith in her. She added: “I request that you trust me and the Shondaland team as we progress. I believe we will witness two captivating and touching tales, one on paper and one on screen.”

In response to prior criticism, showrunner Jess told Teen Vogue: “The reality is that the fanbase is not homogenous, and satisfying every faction of it is an improbability.”

She also informed Vanity Fair: “I encourage individuals to empathize with those who have yet to witness their representation within this realm.”

And there we have it! Julia Quinn has given her official approval to Francesca and Michaela’s romance. Let the season of their tale commence!

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