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Jon Stewart to Receive Mark Twain Award for Comedy Career


Jon Stewart to Receive Mark Twain Award for Comedy Career

Credit: Unsplash

In the cross-section of comedians and evening talk show hosts, few are as well-regarded as Jon Stewart. His 16-year stint on Comedy Central’s The Daily Show brought it into prominence as not just a place for daily laughs, but for serious analysis of the state of American politics (cleverly disguised as daily laughs). Stewart has also performed multiple stand-up specials, and has recently begun another comedy and talk show hybrid in the form of Apple TV’s The Problem with Jon Stewart.

For his illustrious career, as well as his constant vigilance in the realms of social betterment, Stewart has been named the recipient of the 23rd Kennedy Center Mark Twain Award for a lifetime of achievement in comedy.

“For me, tuning into his television programs over the years has always been equal parts entertainment and truth,” Kennedy Center President Deborah F. Rutter told the Associated Press. “In these often divisive and challenging times, someone like Jon, through his undaunted advocacy for first responders and veterans, also demonstrates that we all can make a difference in this world through humor, humanity, and patriotism.”

Stewart will receive his award in a ceremony set for April 24, where he’ll be joined by friends, associates, and surprise guests, all giving speeches about the scope of Stewart’s achievement. Interestingly, this will actually be the second time Stewart has set foot on the Mark Twain stage; he previously appeared as a speaker when Dave Chappelle won the award in 2019.

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