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John Mulaney Talks About Parenthood on SNL


John Mulaney Talks About Parenthood on SNL

Credit: Unsplash

During the past weekend, humorist John Mulaney assumed the role of host on Saturday Night Live for the initial time post his return from rehabilitation last year. Mulaney humorously discussed his journey to sobriety, recounting a peculiar incident of “breaking ties” with his main substance supplier, who turned out to simply be an artist trying to deter him from more harmful substances.

Currently, one of Mulaney’s key interests revolves around his newborn son, Malcom, with Olivia Munn. Mulaney already cherishes his offspring and finds amusement in almost everything he does.

Mulaney depicted his son as “a remarkably charming individual despite not meeting the voting age yet,” and jestingly remarked, “His legs resemble miniature savory turnovers that I’d like to indulge in.”

Following Malcom’s birth, he was positioned beneath a comforting light within the delivery room, where both Mulaney and the infant experienced an emotional connection. “The brilliance of the light was intense, shining into his eyes. He wasn’t wailing, just peering at the light and pulling this face,” detailed Mulaney, mimicking a scrunched expression. “He seemed perturbed but remained silent, and I thought, ‘That’s my lad: a courteous gentleman in an awkward scenario who refrains from causing a ruckus.'”

Mulaney expressed profound gratitude for Munn’s presence and the arrival of their child post-rehabilitation. “Olivia and our newborn have played instrumental roles in resurrecting me from the depths of my struggles during this early phase post-recovery.”

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