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John Mulaney Discusses Rehabilitation and Connection with Olivia Munn


John Mulaney Discusses Rehabilitation and Connection with Olivia Munn

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As a dedicated admirer of John Mulaney’s comedy, I was disheartened upon learning of his return to substance use towards the end of last year. Nonetheless, I was overjoyed when he took the courageous step of seeking assistance in a rehabilitation center. Mulaney shared on Late Night with Seth Meyers, where the host is a intimate friend of his, that the intervention prompting his admission to rehab was quite an episode.

“Upon opening the door, it was apparent that an intervention was underway, illustrating the severity of my substance abuse issue. I recognized the need for help,” Mulaney shared with Meyers during the show.

“That particular evening wasn’t optimal for me,” Mulaney added. “However, despite my irritation, I gazed around at the assembly and thought, ‘This is a fine assembly.’ It felt like a ‘We Are the World’ gathering of unconventional comedians above 40. There were so many talented individuals present, and not a single joke was cracked throughout,” he mentioned.

“I recall stepping in and thinking, ‘I must maintain my intellectual superiority, even at an intervention.’ So, I promptly addressed everyone, ‘Before you delve into your letters, I must confess my substance abuse challenge and seek assistance,’ I declared, simply to outwit you,” he explained.

Upon Mulaney’s completion of the rehab program in February, he established a bond with Olivia Munn, whom he had originally encountered in 2013. Subsequently, the pair discreetly initiated a romantic involvement, which generated considerable media attention in recent months. Nevertheless, during Late Night, Mulaney disclosed that he and Munn are anticipating a child together.

“Your solidarity aided me in overcoming my substance dependency, and Olivia, along with our forthcoming child, is aiding me in my journey towards self-improvement following recovery. There isn’t a punchline for this. I am sincerely grateful to you, my friend.”

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