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John Mulaney Discusses Fatherhood on SNL


John Mulaney Discusses Fatherhood on SNL

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Over the weekend, comedian John Mulaney hosted Saturday Night Live for the first time since returning from rehab last year. Mulaney spoke lightheartedly about his process of getting sober, including an unusual instance of “breaking up” with his primary drug dealer, who turned out to just be a painter who was trying to keep him away from worse substances.

One of the main focal points of Mulaney’s attention right now is his relationship with his recently-born son with Olivia Munn, Malcom. Mulaney already adores his son, and sees humor in everything he does.

Mulaney described his son as “a very cool guy for someone who can’t vote,” and joked that “his legs are like little calzones and I wanna eat ‘em.”

After Malcom was born, he was put under a warming light in the delivery room, where he and Mulaney shared a tender moment. “Light is just shining in his eyes, it’s really bright. He’s not crying or anything, he just looks up at the light and this is what he does,” Mulaney explained, making a scrunched face. “He was annoyed but he didn’t say anything, and I’m like ‘That’s my son: a polite man in an uncomfortable situation but he’s not going to make a fuss.’”

Mulaney noted that he was very thankful for Munn’s companionship and the birth of their son after rehab. “Olivia and this baby have helped save me from myself and this early journey out of recovery.”

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