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John DiMaggio Verified for ‘Futurama’ Resurgence


John DiMaggio Verified for ‘Futurama’ Resurgence

Credit: Unsplash

In the prior month, Hulu made public that they had secured the privileges to the beloved animated series Futurama and would be crafting an entirely fresh season with a majority of the initial cast returning. However, aficionados observed a noticeable exclusion from the cast roster: John DiMaggio, the vocal talent behind the show’s most memorable character, Bender the robot. It transpired that DiMaggio had initially refrained from the reboot due to payment issues, both for himself and the rest of the cast, sparking a substantial Twitter campaign in his favor known as “Bendergate.”

Fortunately, it appears that DiMaggio and the network have reached an agreement, as he has now officially affirmed that he will be revisiting his role as Bender.

“I’M RETURNING, BABY! Immensely thankful for the adoration and backing of fans and colleagues during this entire period (particularly my spouse, Kate), and I’m eagerly anticipating reuniting with my ‘Futurama’ kin,” DiMaggio expressed in a statement. “#Bendergate has ultimately resolved, so stash it at the back of a cupboard behind holiday decorations, or perhaps in that kitchen compartment with all the other odds and ends like ancient unusable super glue, or perhaps even stuff it in a vessel designated for saving flatulence. Whatever suits your preference, I don’t mind, you comprehend. I’M RETURNING, BABY! BITE MY SHIMMERING METALLIC BEHIND!”

The crew members were pleased that an accord was achieved and excited to collaborate with DiMaggio and the cast once more. “Since the moment John DiMaggio tried out in the previous century, we knew we had found our Bender,” stated series originator Matt Groening. “So congratulations to everyone at ‘Futurama.’ We’re all back, baby!”

“John DiMaggio might excel as a robot, but he is also an exceptional individual,” expressed executive producer David X. Cohen. “Not many individuals or machines can make that claim. For the fourth time, it’s an incomparable pleasure to reunite with our complete original cast and the extraordinary animators of Rough Draft Studios!”

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