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John Cena Talks About Involvement in ‘Peacemaker’


John Cena Talks About Involvement in ‘Peacemaker’

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While viewpoints on the Suicide Squad movies have often been somewhat contentious, the performers embodying the central Squad characters appear to genuinely relish their roles. WWE celebrity John Cena particularly enjoys his portrayal as the determined Peacemaker. Cena’s fresh Peacemaker series, situated within the same universe as the Suicide Squad films, is debuting on HBO Max tomorrow, and according to Cena himself, creating the series has been a fantastic journey.

“It’s fantastic. It’s the initial instance where I’ve explored an intellectual property or a character in-depth beyond WWE’s John Cena,” Cena expressed in a conversation with “Hence, it’s truly exciting to appreciate the leisure of not needing to hasten through everything within an hour and 45 minutes to two and a half hours. It’s an alternative approach, yet one that I relish because I prefer absorbing the subtleties of the scenarios unfolding. Hence, it’s a distinctive approach, but one that suits my inclination.”

Although Peacemaker is presently only scheduled for a single season comprising eight episodes, creator and scriptwriter James Gunn is convinced that there’s ample material to warrant another season.

“We wouldn’t have pursued even a debut season unless James felt he could contribute something innovative that defies conventional television norms,” producer Peter Safran shared in a separate conversation with “I doubt there will be a subsequent season unless James can conceive a concept that truly revamps the standard, that offers a fresh perspective. He staunchly resists repetition. I can confirm that collaborating with John and the entire crew and cast was an extraordinary encounter for James. He cherished every moment of it. Hence, provided we can crack the artistic code, I remain optimistic that a second season could materialize.”

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