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Joey Essex’s Ex-Girlfriend Is Rumoured To Enter Love Island As A bombshell

Image Source: Love Island @ YouTube


Joey Essex’s Ex-Girlfriend Is Rumoured To Enter Love Island As A bombshell

Joey Essex’s ex-partner has hinted significantly that she might be making an entrance to the Love Island villa. But can this be confirmed? Here’s the information we have.

Joey Essex made waves as the inaugural celebrity on Love Island when he astonished the other residents as this season’s initial surprise entry.

Joining the series on day one, the former The Only Way Is Essex figure had the chance to select a lady who was already partnered up and dismiss one of the male contestants. His choice of Samantha Kenny resulted in Sam Taylor being the first contestant to leave this season.

Joey has been relatively at ease in the villa, with many of the women eagerly approaching him in the hopes of finding a connection. But Joey’s situation may grow more complex soon.

We are fairly certain she will not be joining the villa; her reaction seems to be to Joey’s bombshell arrival on Love Island. Furthermore, in her video, she appears to be traversing the London Underground, which would not align with entering the villa, as she would likely be in Mallorca preparing for her debut.

Nonetheless, she has entertained the speculation by responding to some comments. When one user commented ‘FUHZZ IN THE VILLA’, alluding to her username, she answered with emojis depicting watchful eyes.

Sabreena, a model, was reportedly in a romantic relationship with Joey in 2018. Although there was never an official announcement, they were frequently photographed exhibiting a high level of affection.

She utilizes her social platforms to distribute content about modeling and fashion to her audience of over 90k followers on Instagram. Accustomed to sharing professional content, she also uses her influence to contribute to mental health awareness and the discourse around medication.

In March 2023, she authored a candid post asserting: “Kindly remember to take your medication today folks. Being on meds was something I felt peculiar about previously, but now I’m comfortable admitting I’m on antidepressants, antipsychotics (to stabilize my mood) and anti-anxiety medication 🙂

“Initially, I feared judgment about my mental health (and some did judge), yet we aren’t insane, merely unwell and in need of support. We’re all in this affinity group. I stand by your side and you stand by mine.”

She also marketed a merchandise collection with tops brandishing the message ‘totally okay with not being okay’.”

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