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Joey Essex From Love Island And Samantha Kenny Could Share A Past

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Joey Essex From Love Island And Samantha Kenny Could Share A Past

This is why Amy Hart, the host of ‘The Morning After’ podcast, believes the Love Island duo Joey and Samantha may have been acquainted before participating in the series…

In the premiere of Love Island season 11, Joey Essex appeared as the initial bombshell and the inaugural celebrity contestant.

Instantly capturing the islanders’ attention, he was granted the power to pair up with a female contestant currently coupled up. One day following his arrival, he decided to pair up with Samantha Kenny which resulted in Sam Taylor being eliminated from the villa.

Joey and Sam’s rapport seems to be flourishing, to the extent that former islander Amy Hart has indicated they might have met prior to the series.

“Upon greeting Samantha, he remarked, ‘Nice to see you’.”

Ash responded: “That completely went unnoticed by us, and when you mentioned it, I realized, oh my goodness, you’re absolutely right!”

Amy noted Samantha’s occupation as a ‘celebrity’ makeup artist and suggested a possibility they encountered each other on set previously, stating, “they don’t appear to have any shared history” yet conceding: “They still made an instant connection.”

Presently, Joey and Sam are enjoying each other’s company, and Amy remarked, having observed him on previous programs, he “succumbs to love quickly,” leading her to suspect they might just be destined to last.

In the recent episode on Wednesday night, Harriett Blackmore beckoned Joey to the hideaway in an attempt to gain an upper hand over her partner Ciaran Davies, and he acknowledged their subtle flirtatious exchange.

Nevertheless, he expressed a lack of interest in Harriett’s ploys, affirming in the Love Island beach hut his authentic affection for Samantha – signaling they could potentially emerge as a victorious pair.

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