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Jimmy Kimmel Addresses Aaron Rodgers’ Accusations About Epstein Case


Jimmy Kimmel Addresses Aaron Rodgers’ Accusations About Epstein Case

TV show host corrects the record following quarterback’s suspicions.

Following recent claims by New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers on the “Pat McAfee Show,” late-night TV host Jimmy Kimmel has stepped forward to confront the accusations and provide clarification.

On the show, Rodgers speculated about the potential involvement of various public figures in the Jeffrey Epstein case, including Kimmel. Rodgers’ remarks implied that Kimmel may have ties to the case, leading to a prompt response from Kimmel.

“Just to clarify, I haven’t encountered, traveled with, visited, or had any form of interaction with Epstein, and you won’t find my name on any ‘list’ aside from the obviously fabricated nonsense that feeble-minded fanatics like yourself can’t distinguish from reality,” Kimmel stated in a social media post. He also expressed concern that Rodgers’ statements could endanger his family and hinted at potential legal measures if the accusations persisted.

Rodgers, who briefly played for the Jets this season before suffering an Achilles injury, has yet to reply to Kimmel’s declaration. Meanwhile, Pat McAfee, the show’s host where Rodgers made the comments, sought to ease the tension by acknowledging Kimmel’s worries while downplaying Rodgers’ remarks as light-hearted banter.

This interaction is the latest event in a series of encounters between Kimmel and Rodgers, starting from 2021 when Kimmel criticized Rodgers for his position on the COVID-19 vaccine. The two have also clashed over Rodgers’ statements on UFO sightings, with Kimmel teasing the quarterback on his show.

The recent dispute arises amidst the forthcoming publication of a register of purported associates and victims of Jeffrey Epstein. Over 100 names have been revealed as part of a settled civil lawsuit against British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell, who was found guilty of colluding with Epstein in the sexual abuse of underage girls. The release of the list has been postponed until January to allow those involved time to challenge their inclusion.

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