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Jimmy Fallon Speaks Out about Favorable COVID Diagnosis


Jimmy Fallon Speaks Out about Favorable COVID Diagnosis

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Last night, during the latest episode of The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, the host revealed that he and his immediate family had received positive COVID-19 results at the start of NBC’s holiday hiatus. This caused a setback in Fallon’s plans to make an appearance on Saturday Night Live, which had to be cut short as a precautionary measure when the staff were sent home early due to safety concerns related to the pandemic.

“Hello everyone, on the initial day of our holiday break, I tested positive for COVID. I had received the vaccination and booster shots, which fortunately resulted in me experiencing only mild symptoms. I express my gratitude to the dedicated doctors and nurses who work tirelessly round the clock to ensure everyone is vaccinated,” Fallon posted on his Instagram following his diagnosis. “I thank NBC for diligently following testing protocols and handling the situation well—also, for putting me in the ‘What ‘chu talkin’ about Willis?’ isolation room when breaking the news to me.”

During Monday’s episode of The Tonight Show, Fallon shared his initial emotions upon receiving the news. “I was truly frightened,” he expressed. “I proceeded as usual—given that we have been undergoing these tests for a year now—so I recognize all the individuals there, including the nurses and doctors… then the nurse returns and says, ‘Come with me.’ I had never been told that before.”

“My daughters also tested positive. Thankfully, they are all in good health. Franny had mild sniffles for just a couple of days. Winnie showed no symptoms at all,” Fallon mentioned, while pointing out a bright side. “However, this allowed me to return home and spend the holidays with my kids, which I did. Truly a Christmas miracle.”

In his closing remarks, Fallon urged everyone to get vaccinated. “I urge all of you out there to please get vaccinated and receive your booster shots, if possible. This virus is no joke, it’s very real,” he emphasized. “Without the vaccines, I know that I would have been extremely ill. Therefore, I extend my heartfelt thanks to all my medical professionals.”

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