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Jeff Bezos’ Enduring Contribution: The Timepiece that Transcends Humanity


Jeff Bezos’ Enduring Contribution: The Timepiece that Transcends Humanity

The Investment of Jeff Bezos in Time: A Chronicle of a Clock worth $42 Million

Jeff Bezos, the originator of Amazon and the wealthiest individual globally, has been grabbing attention with his lavish expenditures. One instance is the “Clock of the Long Now,” a mechanical timepiece set to keep track of time for the following 10,000 years. Bezos and his affluent scientist companion, Danny Hillis, have been constructing the clock on Bezos’s estate in Texas, and up to this point, it has consumed $42 million.

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The clock stands tall, reaching 500 feet, and operates using the Earth’s thermal rhythms. It ticks annually and rings out once every millennium, while the centennial hand moves once every 100 years. The cuckoo emerges at the turn of the millennium, signifying a significant moment in the clock’s extended existence.

The development of the Clock of the Long Now has been ongoing for nearly three decades, with Hillis first conceiving the idea back in 1986. According to Bezos’ signed blog post, the clock is “crafted to serve as a symbol, an emblem of long-range contemplation.” Its purpose is to stimulate people to think beyond immediate concerns and ponder the repercussions of their choices on forthcoming generations.

Designing the clock presents a monumental challenge due to its extended operational lifespan. Specialists are excavating chambers within the mountain’s core to insert stacks of gears and flywheels essential for maintaining the clock’s operation over the next 10,000 years. Bezos has characterized the clock as “totally mechanical, driven by day/night thermal oscillations” and “synchronized at solar noon.”

The clock’s construction commenced in 2018, and its completion remains undetermined. While the clock’s finalization may not span another 10,000 years, Bezos and Hillis are resolute in establishing a lasting heritage. The Clock of the Long Now embodies their farsighted vision and dedication to leaving a beneficial imprint on the world.

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