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Japanese Twins Accredited as Globe’s Oldest


Japanese Twins Accredited as Globe’s Oldest

Credit: Unsplash

Reaching a century of existence marks an extraordinary personal feat. Given the typical lifespan of individuals in developed nations, it is evidence of both one’s sound health practices and a pure disregard for statistical odds. Even more remarkable than a single person reaching the century mark is the simultaneous achievement of two individuals. As it turns out, this remarkable feat was accomplished by a pair of twins from Japan.

Japanese identical twins Umeno Sumiyama and Koume Kodama have been officially recognized by Guinness World Records as the oldest living identical twins and the most senior identical twins in history. Both siblings were born on November 5, 1913, making them both 107 years old, soon to be 108.

Guinness reports that the twins were born on Shodo Island in the Kagawa prefecture of Japan into a family of 13. Because of their twin status, they were often subjected to bullying by other children, leading to their separation for a significant part of their lives and only reuniting during family gatherings. When they turned 70, the twins embarked on multiple Buddhist pilgrimages together, strengthening their bond.

At the time, the title of oldest twins was held by two Japanese sisters, Kin Narita and Gin Kanie. Sumiyama and Kodama often playfully discussed surpassing their record when they reached their 90s, never expecting to actually achieve it.

Upon receiving her record certificate, Sumiyama was overcome with tears of joy. Unfortunately, Kodama could not fully grasp the significance of the record due to memory issues stemming from her advanced age.

Thanks to these twins, Japan now boasts multiple age-related records. Presently, the oldest living man is Japanese citizen Kane Tanaka, who is 118 years old. Tanaka has conquered two battles with cancer, survived two global pandemics, and reportedly has a fondness for carbonated beverages.

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