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Insight from TikToker about Working at Disney Park


Insight from TikToker about Working at Disney Park

Given that Disney parks are renowned as top family entertainment venues globally, the cast members (referred to as employees) consistently strive to provide exceptional, heartfelt service. Nonetheless, while a cast member is always willing to greet your children with a smile or offer directions, there are certain expectations that park visitors should not have.

A TikToker known as @dappermanatee recently shared a video on their profile, briefly discussing their experience as a former cast member at a Disney park. As per their account, guests would frequently make unreasonable requests or ask for rule-breaking favors, and despite the obligation to deliver excellent service, there were limits to what they could and would do.

“It’s part of our duty. Our intention is not to become your companions. Please refrain from seeking special treatment that violates rules,” they emphasized. “Do not request unauthorized access to the park. That’s the most bizarre aspect.” Reportedly, upon noticing his name tag, guests would approach him for complimentary entry, which he was not authorized to grant.

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Furthermore, they urged that if a guest encounters a cast member who is visibly not in uniform, it’s best to avoid approaching them for assistance or guidance, as there is typically no shortage of on-duty cast members available to help instead.

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