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Insight from Kelly Osbourne Regarding Contentious Remark on The View


Insight from Kelly Osbourne Regarding Contentious Remark on The View

Credit: UnsplashKelly’s Past Controversial Utterances

Kelly Osbourne has divulged insights regarding a contentious remark she made while serving as a guest host on The View in August 2015, which has recently resurfaced on social media. In a Rolling Stone interview released on Thursday, January 18, Osbourne expressed remorse over her words and pondered on the impact of her comment.

During the 2015 episode, when discussing former President Donald Trump’s stance on immigration, Osbourne remarked, “If you expel every Latino from this country, then who will be taking care of your cleaning, Donald Trump?” The remark sparked immediate criticism, prompting Osbourne to apologize on Facebook for her “regrettable choice of words,” while also stating that she “will not express regret for being prejudiced as I am NOT.”

In her recent Rolling Stone interview, Osbourne conveyed deep regret, recognizing that the remark caused anguish to many and labeling it as “the most regrettable thing” she has ever done. She stressed the impact of words and the challenge of being labeled as something she is not.

Despite the discomforting nature of the viral clip, Osbourne shared that witnessing people creatively engage with it has elicited a smile from her, notwithstanding remaining the target of mockery.

Reflecting on the challenging period in her life at the time of the incident, Osbourne disclosed that she had recently returned from rehabilitation for anxiety, depression, and childhood trauma, while also grappling with her father, Ozzy Osbourne’s unfaithfulness. These adversities led her to resort to alcohol and drugs, and the incident prompted her to realize the need for positive changes in her life.

Now a mother to her son Sidney, Osbourne expressed the distress of having to elucidate the video to him in the future, underscoring the significance of grasping the impact of words. She acknowledged her personal development from the experience, asserting that she has acquired the wisdom to know when to cease speaking and has matured as an individual.

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