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Initiate a Celebration Anywhere, Anytime with Jel Shots


Initiate a Celebration Anywhere, Anytime with Jel Shots

Jelly shots are, in my honest opinion, one of the supreme innovations in the traditional realm of party artistry. Jello is universally adored, and by infusing it with a dash of your preferred spirits, it becomes even more enticing for party enthusiasts! Yet, the endeavor of crafting jelly shots from scratch tends to be quite a bother, to put it mildly. When restricted by space, time, or expertise to concoct a large batch of jelly shots from the ground up, what’s the alternative? It’s simple: eliminate one “l” and the “o” from “Jell-o.”

Jel Shots are the pioneering ready-to-enjoy mixology confectionaries. No longer is there a need to labor over stirring pots of boiling water endlessly to make everything from scratch; these 15% ABV champions are primed to amaze you straight from the packaging. Just release the tab, give them a gentle squeeze, and voilà, a cupful of resilient, fruity joy awaits you.

Credit: Jel Shot

The brain behind Jel Shots and the proprietor of Original Jel Shot Co., Ashley Zalkin, shared a similar stream of consciousness with mine when she initially conceived this splendid treat. “One day, after feeling particularly fatigued and sticky from preparing a batch of over 400 shots, my best friend urgently requested an extra batch for her impromptu shindig,” she recounted on the brand’s official About page. “That very moment struck me… why aren’t pre-made Shots available? Why can’t we easily obtain them from a nearby liquor establishment? And thus, I was resolute in creating the most exceptional pre-made Shot ever. BAM! The Original Jel Shot came into existence!”

Nevertheless, Jel Shots transcend being merely prepackaged jelly shots; they epitomize the next echelon. Jel Shots boast being 100% plant-based and devoid of gluten (a feat considering gelatin is typically non-vegan). They don’t necessitate refrigeration; you can simply leave them on the party snack spread all night, though a tad of coldness certainly enhances the flavor profile. Speaking of flavors, Jel Shots are available in numerous delectable variants such as Peach Bum, Candymelon, Blue Razz, and more. Concerned about the sweetness attracting insects? Fear not; every Jel Shot is meticulously sealed for safety to thwart any external contamination.

Credit: Jel Shot

As a business entity, Original Jel Shot Co. is a burgeoning entity, having even secured the backing of Shark Tank‘s Kevin Harrington. Explore their website to delve into their offerings, flavors, and the locations where you can procure Jel Shots. Additionally, stay updated with their latest developments by following their Instagram account.

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