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Informative TikTok Clip Unveils Walmart Checkout Security Process


Informative TikTok Clip Unveils Walmart Checkout Security Process

Credit: Unsplash

Having previously been employed as an independent checkout overseer at a supermarket, I can attest to the challenges of the position. It was a role filled with peculiar machine malfunctions and customers who seemed to exacerbate those issues deliberately. Yet, despite the flaws of the systems, I can confidently affirm that no unauthorized items were taken on my watch. Self-checkout attendants possess a keen sense of observation, as exemplified by a recent viral TikTok post.

User @thewalmartguy69, known for sharing workplace interactions as a Walmart staff member, uploaded a video that notably highlighted their vigilance. The clip, captioned “POV: We know when you’re stealing,” exhibits the user utilizing a Zebra Technologies tracking tool to monitor items scanned via self-checkout stations, alongside “register alerts” that signal any anomalies or urgent situations. The underlying message the brief, dialogue-less video conveys is the acute awareness of Walmart’s self-checkout staff towards potential shoplifting attempts.

Since its upload earlier in the week, the video has garnered over 13 million views. However, viewer comments have expressed some skepticism regarding the efficacy of the showcased technology.

One individual admitted, “I inadvertently left with items worth $50+ because I forgot to complete the transaction.”

Another recounted, “I unknowingly walked out with a large bag of dog food as it was hidden under the cart and went unpaid.”

Furthermore, a commenter humorously added, “As compensation for acting as my own cashier, I occasionally take a small item. After all, I’m not working for free.”


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An essential aspect to consider in the role of a self-checkout attendant is the correlation between theft prevention and one’s dedication to their workplace. While no instances of theft occurred under my supervision, outside of my scope, the situation was distinct.

One commenter shared, “During my tenure at Walmart, my level of commitment was not commensurate with the compensation received. If someone attempted theft, my response time would have been swift.”

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